Though we are not a US based-organisation, we take the law including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act very seriously indeed.
This section is a more in-depth description of our terms to filing for DMCA or other similar laws with
Before you file a complaint with us, it is very important to read the text below.



If you have discovered content on one of servers that you believe is unlawful or violates terms of service,
you are welcome to send a takedown notification to, requesting that the material concerned be removed.

Please email us with all the information you have, answering the questions to the best of your ability.
If your described issue is not a violation of the terms of service, you will receive information on why we cannot assist you.
If your described issue is likely to be a violation of the terms of service, it will be investigated to determine what action, if any, can be taken.
Deliberately filling out the form incorrectly to submit a report of an issue which is clearly outlined as not violating the terms of service will not change the outcome of your complaint.
If we believe you have knowingly submitted a report which does not contain any violations, we will close your inquiry without response.

All notices must be emailed to:




There are a number of specific requirements for a DMCA notification set out in the legislation.
If your notification does not include all of this information, will not be able to process it.
Your take-down request must include the following:

Your full name
Your address
Your telephone number
Your email address

A description of the right that you believe has been infringed by the material or activity concerned
(for example, "my right to privacy is being infringed by the publication of my house address.")

The remedial action you wish the service provider to take
(for example, "the house address should be removed")

A statement that the information in your complaint is, to your knowledge, true and correct and that you are acting in good faith.
Your signature
(either written or electronic)


Upon receipt of your DMCA notice, will confirm that all of the required information is included.
We will also check that the content you are referring to is hosted our network, and that the remedial action you have requested is feasible.
If, for some reason your request is not valid, you you might be notified of the reason.
If the requests passes, you will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your takedown request.

All DMCA notices must be emailed to: